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Engineer (Controls, Unmanned Systems, Marine/Fluids Systems, Machine Vison/Perception)

Engineering Co-Ops, Internships, and Full-/Part-Time Positions

Zero-G Horizons Technologies, LLC 1472 West International Speedway Blvd. Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Email: SUMMARY As a member of the Zero-G Horizons team, you will create the technologies and unmanned systems that enable humanity's future infrastructure and capabilities. You will engage with our team of engineers to design, develop, and test UxS & components in diverse deployment environments, from Space and the Skies, to Coastal Waterways and the Deep Sea. You will leverage leading simulation and design tools to conceptualize, analyze, and refine UxS in support of on-going efforts with various government agencies, from the DoD, NASA, and NOAA.

EMPLOYMENT DETAILS Co-Ops, Internships, Full-/Part-Time. Must commute to this job's location.

• Senior Undergraduate Students with 2 years hands-on practical/project experience.
• B.S. with 1-2 years hands-on practical/project experience.
• M.S./PhD. with 1 year hands-on practical/project experience. 

JOB DESCRIPTIONS General Required Skills & Experiences:
• Proven ability to code, integrate, and test hardware to performance specifications.
• Ability to effectively work, adapt, and communicate on a fast-paced multi-disciplinary team.
• Focused results-driven engineer passionate about robotics, automation, and/or unmanned systems.
Unmanned Systems (UxS) Engineer
• Proven hands-on experience building unmanned aerial/surface/underwater vehicles, or other UxS.
• Proven hands-on experience with aero-/hydro-dynamics and controls of UxS using simulation and computational tools (e.g., Gazebo, MATLAB, Simulink). Machine Vision & Perception Engineer
• Stereovision hardware design and implementation using MATLAB/Python on embedded systems. • Experience with machine vision, SLAM, and navigation/perception methods for feedback control. Controls & Dynamics Engineer
• Experience designing and implementing linear & nonlinear controls for hardware.
• Project experience with MATLAB and Simulink for controls development and implementation. Fluids & Marine Systems Engineer
• Project experience with experimental and computational fluid dynamics.
• Project experience with hydrodynamics for surface or submersible hull/structure design