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Machine Repair Mechanic

Job Code: 89509 Job Title: Machine Repair Mechanic
Determining Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Install, disassemble, repair, assemble, test and maintain machine tools, process building, and overhead handling equipment. Perform preventative maintenance inspections on stationary generator sets. 2. Install, disassemble, repair, assemble, test and maintain stationary generator sets in the Kent and Bellevue Data Centers.
Associated Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Work in compliance with Safety regulations
2. Work with and guide employees of lower classification in maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, modification, adjustment, and test of machines and equipment.
3. Use schematics, blueprints, sketches, specifications, manuals, written and verbal information, and applicable procedures, codes and ordinances.
4. Determine and/or develop assembly methods where procedures may not be available, document methods for follow on activities. Devise and make tools and equipment to facilitate work.
5. Hand scrape, flake, lap, level and align equipment components.
6. Use precision devices in failure analysis and all forms of preventive/predictive technologies providing service as required on machine and equipment systems.
7. Perform the operational test of machine tools, process and building equipment.
8. Maintain logs, charts, and perform written and verbal tie-in records. Prepare reports and schedules as requires.
9. Perform preventive and predictive maintenance inspections
10. Work with and assist other craft to accomplish tasks.
11. Perform incidental rigging to accomplish tasks.
12. Perform work in other classifications when incidental but necessary to the accomplishment of the assignment NOTE: The description of duties set forth under Determining Duties and Responsibilities is a composite. Each of the paragraphs enumerated as 1 and 2 is a statement of alternative requirements.