What should I know if I want to be a good software engineer at Cisco?

For succeeding as a software engineer would be to have solid grip over one of the programming languages. And be able to program in other languages as most of us believe if you know one object oriented programming language its pretty easy to catch up with others and get on speed when needed. I wou...
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What is essential to know during an interview at Cisco for a delivery business development role?

Interviewing for a delivery BDM role means you must be able to explain and present technical concepts to customers and sales teams. Work on your technical and presentation skills. Work on being concise no matter how complex the topic. Additionally for my role, it is helpful to understand Statemen...
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Must-knows before an interview for a Sales Business Development position at Cisco?

For a Sales BDM role, it is primarily about sales experience. I would be ready to discuss business terms like NPV and IRR and if you have been in a commissioned role before, make sure you can talk intelligently about that experience, where you have succeeded and failed in the past, what did you l...
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What do I need to know to apply as a software engineer intern at Cisco? Which languages do they use there?

In terms of skills, since Cisco deals with networking and connecting people with each other, have some background knowledge on network programming (ex: sockets and configuring clients and servers) and network devices and concepts such as routers and switches, OSI model, TCP/UDP, etc. In terms of ...
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Has anyone here interviewed at Cisco for a data analytics internship? How is the interview structured? Any help is welcome...

For a Data Analyst Intern position, one should have a good background in networks and/or Information Technology. That doesn't necessarily mean that they need to know everything about various different protocols and devices, but they should at least be prepared to answer some basic questions. De...
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How does the role of a project manager contribute to Cisco's mission?

Project Manager is not such a common role in a technology oriented organization like Cisco Systems. There may be PMs in variety of orgs within Cisco, however, I was one of a few within Technical Services. The mission for Technical Services was “to make it a place for customers to repeatedly choos...
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What does the career progression look like for a project manager at Cisco Systems?

PMs do get multiple opportunities to shine within their org at Cisco Systems. If the project result and impact is positive, expect to receive great appreciation and monetary benefits (this holds true for any company for that matter). Managers at Cisco are supportive, and encourage PMs to work on ...
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Anyone here interned at Cisco in the Strategy, Risk, and Compliance role? How was your interview? What's important to know before going into it?

The most important thing is always be up to date in security topics. Make sure to do a run down through your resume and see which way you can best summarize your resume to the consultant you'll be interviewed by. Make sure to have a good conversation and show you're a pleasure to speak with.
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